1. Inform yourself on why people are protesting, and how the government is responding to this
2. Share hashtags/posts/the link to this website to raise awareness in and outside the Sudanese community
3. Donate
4. Sign Petitions to put political pressure on international governments
5. Know how to identify and assist missing persons
6. Wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe during the pandemic!

Donating money is one of the few ways we can assist the Sudanese people fighting for their lives and basic rights on the ground. Below are various links, banks, and contact details that you can donate through to reach those in need. When protests are at an all time high and face violent resistance from government police officers/army, the money will likely be used for medical supplies (e.g. emergency contraception for rape victims, surgery materials for bullet-wounded protesters, and even basic medication and sanitation supplies for civilians who can no longer afford them due to inflation). During periods of civil disobedience, bare necessities like food (particularly bread) become scarce and costly, especially for those who live on daily earnings (which they no longer make because of planned civil disobedience). During this pandemic era of COVID-19, and recently a polio outbreak, as well as disease spread by extreme flooding in several states, the quality of medical care is dire. This is largely due to a lack of resources around the country. We ask that you consider donating to contribute to one of these causes. We thank you on behalf of all Sudanese people for your gratitude and we hope you will support us in our fight to freedom, peace, and justice for all!

Bank of Khartoum, Account Number: 1559345
Hanabneiho Youth Initiative (
Zain Credit Transfer: 0962713596
MTN Credit Transfer: 0925561522
Sudan Credit Transfer: 0121400800
Bank of Khartoum Account number 1888073 (Nuseyba Ali Merghani), Street 60 Branch.
United States:
Venmo: @mohamed_blu
Chase Bank:
Account name: University of Khartoum Alumni Association
Account #: 366700257
Bank routing #: 072000326

If you know of a verified donation account, phone number, or page that we have not listed, please send us the information via our Get in Touch page so that we can include it!

“The UN must investigate the 3rd of June human rights violations in Sudan by the Military”

FIRST AID TIPS — If you know someone currently in Sudan, get this information to them:
1. Apply continuous pressure to the wound with some cloth/fabric to decrease bleeding until medical help arrives.
2. Place your ear next to their nose/mouth. If they’re breathing then lay them in recovery position: on their left side, with the left leg extended and the right leg folded up to the stomach. The left arm should be under the right cheek. This is incase someone has lost consciousness.
3. For CPR, Place your right palm over your left hand, interlacing fingers and push down on the middle of the patient chest 30 times. Check for breathing, then lay them into recovery position.

Know how to identify & handle a missing person:
Psychologically: may behave aggressively and isolate themselves, and show signs of psychological turmoil (e.g. talking to themselves with sporadic hand gestures).
Appearance: tattered, worn clothes. Tired face and bizarre, distant look. Potentially chants with slogans of the Command and revolution, such as “Madaniya”.
To do:
1. Have photos of the missing people accessible e.g. on your phone.
2. Approach the person with caution and care, and try to learn their name, and any information that can identify them. Ask them what they need.
3. Take out a photo from the missing list and compare it with their appearance.
4. If you believe this is a missing person, open a report with the police, and upload a copy of this report to Facebook with the hashtag
Keep in mind, this individual may be severely traumatized and vulnerable, and will most likely have been mistreated by authorities. Reach out online for support to house and care for this individual, rather than handing them over to the police.
(Adapted from twitter source @SlayKaiii, originally translated by @iAffable_)

Hashtags currently in use:
#SudanUprising /مدن_السودان_تنتفض#
بورتسودان_تنزف# (Port Sudan Bleeds)
#SudanMassacre / مجزرة_القيادة_العامة#
#SudanCivilDisobedience / العصيان_المدني_الشامل#